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For any queries over your pension benefits, please contact your plan administrator or insurer. We do not hold any pension records at Carillion and are unable to provide any details or trace members' pension providers if they have left employment with the Carillion group. Please note that due to Carillion plc being placed into liquidation, we no longer have any access to members' administration records for the Carillion ("own Trust") defined benefit or defined contribution pension schemes.


Details of your plan administrator or insurer will be shown on your last benefit statement, leaving service statement or payslip (if you are in receipt of a scheme pension). If you can't find these details the Pensions Tracing Service may be able to help you -

Carillion's Defined Benefit ("Final Salary") Pension Schemes

Please note that the Group's former UK defined benefit schemes are now in the Pension Protection Fund ("PPF") assessment period (with the current exception of the Alfred McAlpine Pension Plan although this is expected to enter the PPF in the near future) and a new Trustee has been appointed to the schemes, ITS Limited. Carillion no longer has any formal relationship with the schemes listed below.

The Bower Group Retirement Benefits Scheme, the Carillion "B" Scheme, Carillion Public Sector Scheme, the Carillion Staff Pension Scheme, the Mowlem (1993) Pension Scheme, the Mowlem Staff Pension Scheme, and the PME Staff Pension and Life Assurance Scheme.

Carillion's (Trust Based) Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

An independent Trustee, ITS Limited, has also been appointed to the remaining Trust based defined contribution pension schemes:

The Carillion Pension Plan (including former 2009 Plan members), the Carillion Retirement Plan and the Planned Maintenance Engineering Defined Contribution Pension Scheme.

Any member queries should continue to be addressed to the scheme administrators as usual.


 Control Version: 25 July 2018