Other Schemes

Other Group Schemes

As the group has grown and changed over the years it has inherited a number of historical schemes by acquisition and also has a number of legacy schemes that originally transferred from Tarmac plc.

Other Group Schemes

Legacy Arrangements

The Group also has a number of smaller legacy arrangements not included on this site. If employees have any queries they should contact their Plan administrator or insurance company direct.

Other Schemes

Closed Schemes

The group has a number of mostly closed defined benefit (or "final salary") pension schemes where the benefits are related to an employee's service and earnings up to the date the scheme closed e.g. the Carillion Staff Pension Scheme.

The majority of Carillion's closed defined benefit pension schemes are currently administered by JLT Employee Benefits who may be contacted at Post Handling Centre U, St James's Tower, 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester, M1 4DZ.

The group also has a number of legacy Stakeholder policies, group personal pensions, and defined contribution (or 'savings based') pension schemes e.g. the Alfred McAlpine 2003 Pension Plan, CES AEGON Group Personal Pension Plan, and the CIS Legal & General Stakeholder Plan.

Any enquiries over benefits under these schemes should be addressed direct to your insurer or plan manager. Details can be found on your last benefit statement or leaving service statement.

 Industry Wide & Public Sector Schemes

Carillion also participates in a number of industry wide pension schemes sucj as The People's Pension (formerly known as B&CE EasyBuild), The Electricity Supply Pension Scheme, and The Railways Pension Scheme, and public sector pension schemes such as the Civil Service Pension Scheme, Local Government Pension Scheme and the NHS Pension Scheme. Members of these schemes should also contact their scheme administrator direct over their benefits e.g. Civil Service Pension Scheme members would contact MyCSP direct with any queries.


Carilllion operates a separate scheme to comply with the auto-enrolment regulations in the UK - the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan managed by BlackRock Life. You can find more details about this Plan on the auto-enrolment pages.



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Eligibility Query?

If you have any queries over eligibility for one of the group's legacy schemes that are still open please contact AskHR. 

As eligibility will be determined by the original terms of your employment offer, the pension administrators are unable to answer any queries over eligibility.