Workplace Pensions (Auto-enrolment)

Workplace Pensions (Auto-enrolment)


Your employer is required by law to assess all UK employees ("UK workers"), who are not already in a "qualifying pension scheme", to check if they have to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension. This is known as "auto-enrolment". If an employee meets the test for auto-enrolment, the process is mandatory.

The current test covers all UK workers aged between 22 and State Pension Age, currently not in a qualifying pension scheme (e.g the Carillion Pension Plan), and earning more than £10,000 per annum (or equivalent).

If you do not join any other Plan offered by your employer, you will not be contributing to a qualifying pension scheme, and your employer will assess you, and if you meet the precribed criteria, auto-enrol you into the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan. The Plan is managed by  independent Trustees and administered by BlackRock Life.

Contribution Rates

Your employer will only pay the statutory minimum contributions to the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan, currently 1% of "qualifying band earnings" (for 2017-2018 the qualifying band earnings are £5,876-£45,000 per annum).

If you are auto-enrolled, you will currently contribute 1% of qualifying band earnings before any tax relief (if your earnings are below your personal tax allowance you will not receive any tax relief).

These rates may be significantly lower than the rates under the Plan you were originally offered, but chose not to join.

With effect from April 2018 the minimum statutory employee contribution will increase to 3% of qualifying band earnings (before any tax relief if you are eligible to receive this) and your employer will contribute the minimum statutory contribution of 2% of qualifying band earnings (the expected qualifying band earnings for 2018-19 are £6,032-£46,350 subject to final confirmation from the DWP).

Assessment for Auto-Enrolment

BlackRock Life carry out the mandatory assessment each payroll period and advise employees direct whether they will be auto-enrolled into the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan (even if the employee was originally eligible for a different plan with more generous contributions and benefits e.g. the Carillion Pension Plan).

Opting-out of the Plan

Employees do have the right to opt-out of the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan if they wish to do so, although they should consider carefully how they may be affected later in life, if they are not joining another Carillion pension arrangement and saving towards their retirement (with the benefit of employer contributions).

Any request to opt-out has to be addressed direct to the Plan Manager, BlackRock Life. Neither HR or your employer can process an opt-out request on your behalf. Employees can only qualify for a refund of their contributions if they opt out within 30 days of being advised of being auto-enrolled. Refunds of contributions are not permitted by law after the 30 day period has expired.

General Queries

Any general queries over auto-enrolment, and whether this applies to you, can be made to the BlackRock Life auto-enrolment helpline on 0845 600 1376.

If you are auto-enrolled you will receive confirmation and your membership details direct from BlacKRock Life.

Member Queries

Any queries regarding membership of the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan, and your benefits and options under the Plan if you are auto-enrolled, should be made direct to BlackRock Life.

If you do not meet the test for auto-enrolment, you can still "opt-in" to the Plan if you wish. Any enquiries should be made to BlackRock Life direct.

BlackRock Life may be contacted by telephone at 01733 353 464 or by email to

Members of the Carillion Workplace Pension Plan will also be provided with login details to a secure member site where they can view their own details and the value of their savings:

If you have lost or not received your log in details, please contact BlackRock.

 Legal Status of the Plan

The Carillion Workplace Pension Plan is established under a Trust and is legally separate from Carillion plc and the Carillion group of companies. This means that the assets of the Plan are not available to creditors of the group in liquidation. Members have separate accounts under the Plan and their existing savings accounts are not affected by the group being placed into liquidation (except that future contributions will cease as employees leave employment).

The Plan is managed by independent Trustees (not part of the Carillion group). These arrangements continue to apply and are not affected by the liquidation process.


Control Version: 13 February 2018